Yimin Co-working Space

Connecting Communities


Seattle, WA


Office / Coffee Shop

  • Permitting
  • Interior Design

This coffee house and shared work space may be set back from the street but it is also set apart from other coffee houses because the neighbors above are school children.

The owner of this coffee shop and co-working space alslo owns the Montessori school above. She wanted a space that was welcoming to parents and children providing a safe place to work and play.


The interior floor plan was carefully considered to maximize flow, and provide welcoming spaces. The many separate but connected areas provide function and comfort for various activities.

The cafe area is designed with comfort and versatility in mind, a great place to relax along with the tantalizing aroma of coffee and sweets from the service counter. 

The storefront is set way back from the sidewalk leaving space for a leafy patio.  We used long planters and wall scones to create an outdoor oasis.


 Just beyond the cafe is the shared working space. This collaborative area is designed for community members who lack the square footage needed for an office at home, or just want a change of scenery,  or the company.  This working space features private rooms, community tables, and individual stations to fit every need.

The children’s play area allows children a safe and engaging place to be while allowing their parents working time.