Di Fiora

Sophisticated and Genuine


Seattle, WA


Restaurant & Bar

  • Permitting
  • Interior Design
  • Storefront Design
  • Signage
  • Art & Graphic
  • Commercial Kitchen Design

Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, just blocks from Broadway, a sophisticated new building sprouted up on a triangular lot. We were excited to create this new restaurant for the owners who have passionate feelings about inclusion, originality, and positivity. The restaurant design reflects these attitudes.



The triangular shape with high ceilings posed a challenge for an efficient layout. Rising to the challenge produced a unique and interesting result. The long narrow space is balanced by windows on three sides. We used the existing right angles on the floor plan to create separated spaces that work together. Layering and overlapping were key components for the depth of the design.

The large scale mirrors, live plants, the roll up window walls on both sides of the space, as well as the abundance of greenery within the space, create an open, park-like atmosphere which brings community interaction to the street.


We hope you enjoy the fresh new atmosphere we’ve created and find serenity for your soul and your taste buds.