Happy Lemon

Bubble Tea Bubble Waffle


Bonney Lake, WA





Project Area

1,035 SQ. FT.

  • Permitting: Architecture / Mechanical / Plumbing
  • Interior Design

The interior design of the new Happy Lemon bubble tea shop adheres closely to the franchise’s design requirements while navigating the construction drawing and permitting process seamlessly.

The space features a bright and cheerful color scheme, with the brand’s signature lemon-yellow accents adding a playful touch throughout. The layout includes a welcoming counter area where customers can place their orders and watch as their bubble tea is expertly prepared.

Comfortable seating options are strategically placed to accommodate both individuals and groups, encouraging customers to linger and enjoy their drinks. The construction permit was meticulously managed to meet all local regulations. The result is a vibrant and inviting bubble tea shop that stays true to the Happy Lemon brand while offering a unique and enjoyable experience for customers.