Lele's Restaurant

Thai & Vietnamese Food


Gig Harbor, WA





Project Area

3,538 SQ. FT.

  • Permitting
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Drawing

Lele’s restaurant concept was to give friends and family members a safe place to work and be together. There, in that small kitchen, a community of Vietnamese uncles and aunties was built. Lele wants the space to show off her elegant and sophisticated side of Vietnamese culture and also the coziness of being a family owned and operated business.

Gold trim and arches give an elegant touch to the warm earth tones and wood tables.

Green plants are incorporated into the atmosphere to liven up the space, and symbolizes the fresh ingredients that Lele is known for. We created graphic wall panels that describe and illustrate Lele’s story showcasing her history and culture. This spot also makes a great Instagram wall for easy promotion.