Craft Ramen & Sushi


Redmond, WA





Project Area

1,290 SQ FT

  • Permitting
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Drawing

Noburu Ramen and Sushi restaurant, in Redmond, WA features a harmonious blend of modern and traditional Japanese elements. The extensive use of light-colored wood for the furniture, counter, and ceiling beams adds warmth and a natural aesthetic to the space. Withe white paper lanterns hang from the ceiling, adding a touch of authentic Japanese decor and provide a soft, ambient light that enhances the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant.

The restaurant uses a clean and neutral color palette dominated by light wood, black, and gray tones, with bold red accents on the counter and some walls. This combination creates a contemporary yet inviting environment.

A large mural featuring a whimsical bowl of ramen with chopsticks and colorful ingredients adds a playful and vibrant element to the space. Decorative sake barrels and Japanese signs further emphasize the cultural theme.

Black pendant lights hang above the counter and booths, offering focused lighting that contrasts nicely with the natural wood elements. The ceiling features industrial-style exposed ducts, adding a modern touch to the overall design.

We build the booths with light upholstery and leather straps for added character. The counter seating allows for an engaging dining experience close to the sushi bar area.

The open layout ensures clear sight lines throughout the restaurant, creating a sense of spaciousness and transparency. The arrangement allows for efficient movement and interaction between the dining and kitchen areas.

The wooden slats and lattice patterns evoke traditional Japanese architectural frames.