Su Su Bakery

Dessert with no limits


Seattle, WA


Restaurant & Bar

  • Permitting
  • Interior Design
  • Signage

The Susu owners consider themselves alchemists of ice cream and desserts. Their innovative flavors are famous in Seattle.  They requested that the design of their first brick and mortar restaurant give a nod to the practice of alchemy. They wanted it to look more like an alchemist office than a typical bakery.

We designed the tiny kitchen so they could practice the somewhat noisy method of rolling ice cream without disturbing the customers, and still have room for baking.


The space has very high ceilings so we designed airy 3D structures that illustrate alchemic symbols, to fill up the void.  The patterned tile echoes the alchemical symbols. The shelving behind the counter has many compartments to hold various ingredients similar to an ancient alchemist’s lair.


The overall color palette is grays and whites, with a pop of vibrant color provided by the furniture.