Farmhouse style living room with gas fireplace.

Visscher Residential

Farmhouse / Craftsman Style


Tacoma, WA





Project Area

2,062 SQ. FT.

  • Interior Design
  • Construction Drawing

We start by removing the existing fireplace and replacing it with a gas fireplace, creating a warm and inviting focal point. Remodel the kitchen to feature a breakfast island, reposition appliances for better functionality, and install new countertops along with revamped cabinetry. Convert the kitchen floor to wood and refinish all the wood floors throughout the main level.

A remodel kitchen with a breakfast island.

In the main floor restroom, we add a bathtub by potentially reducing the size of the adjacent closet. The gray tile walls and soft pastel teal accents give it a rustic yet contemporary feel. The open shelving with rolled white towels adds a cozy, homey touch. The wood and metal elements, like the shelving and hardware, contribute warmth and texture true to farmhouse style.


To achieve a more open and airy feel on the upper floor, remove non-load-bearing walls. Install a larger window on the sound-facing wall to let in more natural light and offer a better view. Refinish all the floors and add a new bathroom to modernize the upper level and improve functionality.

We enhance the exterior by converting existing deck for entertaining. Apply a fresh coat of exterior paint to update the home’s look. Additionally, consider installing a Jacuzzi for relaxation and added luxury.

The re-design final will incorporate a 3D model that includes all design areas, reflected ceiling plans, building and interior elevations, lighting design, cabinetry design, all trim, woodwork, and flooring details. The plan will also cover furniture selection, fixtures and finishes selection, and a comprehensive material board to ensure a cohesive and stylish renovation.