Kin Dee
Thai Street Food

Delicious Thai recipes and sophisticated dining comes to Bothell.


Bothell, WA


Restaurant & Bar

  • Permitting
  • Signage
  • Interior Design
  • Storefront Design
  • Commercial Kitchen Design

Our long-time clients have opened a new location North of Seattle. In designing this new location we put away the more rustic feel of the Capitol Hill location and focused on elegance and sophistication for the new demographic.

The curtain of windows along the perimeter of the restaurant let in the light during the day for a cheery feel and become mirror-like at night, reflecting the design elements within. We used multiple seating heights and arrangements to create separation within the larger dining room.

Elegance is expressed through black contrasted with gold, the use of marble, indirect lighting and interior signage. Attention to many small details add up to a pleasing whole.