Sisi Kay

Thai Eatery & Bar


Seattle, WA


Restaurant & Bar

  • Permitting
  • Interior Design
  • Commercial Kitchen Design
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Consultant

This restaurant was inspired by  the Chino Portuguese style which has  influenced architecture and design in Southern Thailand. This style is an Asian hybrid that incorporates design from both Chinese and Portuguese cultures. It features vibrant colors, gold accents, patterned tiles, and greenery. 

This project was a redesign and rebranding of an existing Thai restaurant. We kept some of the exterior elements using paint and ingenuity to make them fresh. The open courtyard eating area is reminiscent of tropical Thailand.

The design was inspired by the core concepts of the business owners : Elemental fusion and Feng Shui. European and Asian styles are combined with the treatment of the existing interior columns, wood paneling, live plants, and pops of colorful patterns throughout the restaurant.  

European and Asian flare is portrayed here with existing columns on the interior, wood paneling, live plants, exterior connections and pops of colorful patterns throughout the restaurant.  

We enjoyed incorporating the exterior spaces into our design. The first being the outdoor eating area on the main level which is a great use of the space and supports the Southeast Asian theme. The second is hard to overlook; the curved staircase flowing down from the upper level balcony. In our design this is a hint of Colonial interior architecture from the grand staircases in the pre-revolutionary period and with it exposed to the elements on the exterior it gesture towards tropical Thailand, its culture and the architecture found in Phuket.

 The welcoming aura continues to the main level within. One step into the building and the main eating area is vibrant and teaming with vitality. The mixture of materials from the tile, marble, floor designs, paint, wood tones and many levels of lighting is electric.

Barriers are limited in this open layout between the dining area and fresh, new bar design and we hope it continues to fuel the connection for this community.