Taco Bell

The International Explorer


Bangkok, Thailand


Restaurant & Bar

  • Storefront Design
  • Interior Design

We are helping Taco Bell to expand their market. It has been a good learning experience to work with an American chain of quick service restaurants. 

Following the Taco Bell international brand guidelines, we used the “Explorer” theme which fit with the big city experience and is meant to evolve current restaurant design. Authentic raw materials such as wood, brick, and metal are used in conjunction with glass to create an interesting layered effect which draws the customer in.


One challenge we had was the two giant columns in the middle of the space. We needed to fur them out which made them even bigger. We created the illusion of smaller columns by adding painted wood strips with the Taco Bell brand color and LED lights, eliminating the eye sore and creating a unique design.

We used graphics to tell the story of Taco Bell using the brand color, purple, with floating tacos and palm tree graphics representing the birthplace of Taco Bell, in California. The dining space is designed for active city life for students and working millennials. This is not just a fast food, grab and go place but a place to sit down for group meetings at the community table or working alone in the corner. We also provided outlets for charging tech gadgets.