Texas Chicken

Bold Texas Flavors


Bangkok, Thailand





  • Storefront Design
  • Interior Design

Our concept for this Texas chicken location was to draw on the roots of Texas chicken’s beginnings and develop them out into a futurist design that gives a nod to the Metaverse.

Church’s Fried Chicken, a distant relative of Texas Chicken, was one of the first fast food restaurants in the US. It was founded in the mid 20th century, one of the most iconic design periods. We took forms, colors, and aesthetics that harken back to Texas mid century diners and expressed them with pixelated textures, designs and futuristic lighting. From the pixelated tile chicken mosaic, to the classic computer font, to the self serve gas pump kiosk and jukebox soft drink station, all combined with a twist on classic diner design, we created a fun and exciting environment that will make the interior of Texas Chicken match its bold flavor and become the place to go.